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Child Protection Act

The Child Protection Act in New Hampshire was designed to protect children from abuse or neglect and to ensure the protection of their life, health, and welfare. Often times this is accomplished by cooperation between local law enforcement and the Division for Children, Youth & Families .

Juveniles in the Justice System

The Division for Juvenile Justice Services in New Hampshire was created as a way to address potentially problematic behavior before it develops into something more serious. The DJJS provides services to youths adjudicated as Delinquent Children or Children In Need of Service .


Seatbelt law for New Hampshire

Are seatbelts required in New Hampshire?

Persons under age 18 are required to use safety restraints (seatbelts) in accordance with national safety standards.

Motorcycle-related Laws

Do I have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle?

Any person under age 18 must wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle.

When do I need to wear eye protection on a motorcycle?

The operator, regardless of age, must wear eye protection if the motorcycle does not have a windshield that protects his/her eyes when sitting erect.

Youth Operators' License

What is a Youth Operators' License?

A Youth Operators' License is issued to persons age 16 or over and under age 21.

What are the restrictions of a Youth Operators' License?

Persons under age 18 holding a valid Youth Operators' License are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle between 1 AM and 5 AM or operating a motor vehicle when the number of occupants exceeds the number of passenger restraints in the vehicle. In addition, a Youth Operator under age 18 cannot operate a motor vehicle with more than one passenger less than 25 years of age who is not a member of the operator's family unless accompanied by a licensed responsible adult who is at least 25 years of age during the first 6 months after the license is issued.

Pocket bikes

Can I drive a “pocket bike” on the road?


Hands-Free Electronic Devices Law

Link to state law


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