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Employment Openings/Police Officer


Check all local newspapers, www.policeapp.com , www.seabrooknh.info , and www.seabrookpd.com websites for postings of positions. Open positions are posted at the Town of Seabrook municipal buildings when they occur. Also, testing for these positions is provided by the  Great Bay Community College Police Testing Alliance . The test is administered approximately every 3 months at the Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, NH. The date of the next test can be obtained at their website or by calling Great Bay Community College directly at 603-427-7600.  This test is accepted by the Seabrook Police Department for one year prior to the job post closing date.  The Great Bay Police Test is a pre-requisite to the submission of an application with a passing score of 70%.

Application and Documentation

To apply for the position(s) you must complete the Town of Seabrook Application through www.policeapp.com .   The Town of Seabrook, New Hampshire accepts applications for the position(s) of full time Police Officer at all times. These applications are kept on file for one year. When a hiring process is scheduled, we notify all applicants who have a current application on file with us via the e-mail provided, as well as advertising the position at www.seabrooknh.info and www.seabrookpd.com websites . We seek and hire the best candidate(s) for the position.

Applicants must have completed the Great Bay Police Test within 1 year from the date of this job post closing with a score of 70% or above to continue.  A copy of your Great Bay Police Test score shall be attached with the submission of your application.  Certified Officers are not required to complete the Great Bay Police Test.   A dditionally, copies of the following must also be included with your application: birth certificate, high school diploma or GED, driver’s license, and DD Form 214 (certificate of discharge from military active duty, if applicable).

Automatic Disqualifiers for Employment

Minimum Requirements


Physical Agility Test

The Seabrook Police Department will administer the Physical Agility Test.  Upon successful processing of your application, you will receive an e-mail with the date and time of the Physical Agility Test.  The e-mail you provided on the application will be the only correspondence you will receive notifying you of the Physical Agility Test.  The Physical Agility Test date may also be indicated on the Physical Fitness Assessment Waiver Form.  

Applicants must complete and review the 1) Physical Fitness Assessment Waiver, 2) Physical Agility Test Standards, and 3) Medical Clearance Report.  All three completed and reviewed forms are required to be submitted at the Physical Agility Test in order to participate.  These forms can be located at www.seabrookpd.com in the “Police Testing Information” link.

No one will be allowed to participate in the Physical Agility Test without the completed Physical Fitness Assessment Waiver, Medical Clearance Form, and positive identification.



This is a full-time position within the Seabrook Police Association and works under the direct supervision of the Seabrook Police Chief.  The position is within the collective bargaining agreement between the Seabrook Police Association and the Town of Seabrook.  A portion of the terms of the contract are as follows:


Specialty Units

Specialty Units perform critical roles within the Seabrook Police Department.  Some Specialty Units include:

Notes: The phases listed above are intended to serve as a general guideline for informational purposes only.  Advancing from one phase to the next or within a phase does not necessarily mean you have passed the previous activity, evaluation, or test.

Fees are subject to change.
All applicants must be a United States Citizen .  


All three completed and reviewed forms are required to be submitted at the Physical Agility Test in order to participate.

Physical Fitness Assessment Waiver

Physical Agility Test Standards

Medical Clearance Report.


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