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Parking Enforcement

The town of Seabrook prohibits the parking of any vehicle at any time under the following articles:

  1. Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.
  2. Within twenty (20) feet of an intersection.
  3. Within fifty (50) feet of the termination of a dead end road.
  4. At Seabrook beach in the right of way to the beach, from 1:00am on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to 12:00 midnight on September 15th.
  5. On any real estate owned or controlled by the town of Seabrook where, at the direction of the selectmen a sign is posted clearly indicating parking is prohibited.
  6. At the town pier parking lot unless a valid resident parking sticker is located on a window on the vehicle.
  7. On certain posted roads at Seabrook beach between 1:00am on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to 12:00 midnight September 15th unless the proper designated resident sticker or property owner is displayed on the vehicle.
  8. Stopped or parked so as to impede or interfere with the proper snow clearing operations of the town.
  9. General prohibited parking of within a fire lane, parking after hours or blocking a driveway.


Any vehicle parking in violation of a town ordinance is subject to fines between fifty dollars ($50.00) and one hundred dollar ($100.00) and may be towed. Fines are to be paid by mail or in person at the Seabrook Police Department.