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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for a pistol permit if I live in Seabrook?
A: Pick up an application at the Seabrook police station or download application and return it to the Police Department.

Q: How do I pay a parking ticket or animal control fine?
A: Fines may be paid by mail or in person to the Seabrook police station

Q: How do I arrange a tour of the police station?
A: Call or write the community policing officer at the police station

Q: How do I apply for a replacement NH driver’s license or plate?
A: You may pick up a form at any NH police department

Q: The police responded to my accident do I still have to fill out a report?
A: You don’t have to fill out an accident report if the police officer who arrived on scene completed one.

Q: How do I apply to be a police officer or dispatcher in Seabrook?
A: Check all local news papers for postings of positions. Open positions are posted in local newspapers as well as municipal buildings when they occur. Also, testing for these positions is provided by the Great Bay Community College Police Testing Alliance. The test is administered approximately every 3 months at the Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, NH. The date of the next test can be obtained by calling Great Bay Community College directly at 603-427-7600.

Q: How do I clear up an outstanding warrant or default?
A: Contact the court or police department that issued the warrant. Arrangements can be made so that you can turn yourself in and resolve any outstanding issues.

Q: Who should I call if my home is without electricity?
A: If the problem is due to wiring within your home you should call your own electrician. If the loss of electricity is due to any other matter such as: a storm, motor vehicle accident etc., please call the power company at their business number. Whenever we are aware of a power loss we make immediate notification to the power company.

Q: How do I become aware of school closings?
A: Stay tuned to any local radio or television channels for the most complete list of school closings.

Q: What should I do in the event that the Seabrook station sirens sound?
A: Stay tuned to any local radio or television channels that are part of the emergency broadcast system at once for emergency instructions as well as any updated information.

Q: Can I obtain a patch from your department?
A: The Seabrook police department only swaps patches with other law enforcement agencies for their display.

Q: How to I apply for my Pistol Permit?
A: Please read this application carefully: Click Here