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(Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Our D.A.R.E. Program started in 1989. Then youth services officer mike frost, became one of the first dare officers in New Hampshire . Since 1992, school resource officer James Deshaies, has been conducting the program at Seabrook Elementary School . The dare program. Exists to instill resistance skills with young students. Officer Deshaies has seen the direct results of this type of education.

Young people in Seabrook have formed partnerships, not only with (S.R.O) Deshaies, but with all members of the police department. The dare program was one bridge building activity that created a bond that is ever growing stronger. On this web page you will see an outline of the program.

Dare is only one program that is facilitated by various members of the Seabrook Police Department. Other officers use their skills and talents to assist students in diverse topics. We are very proud of our partnerships with our young people, and are always looking and asking them for even more ideas to increase that mutual respect factor needed.

Lesson 1: Introducing D.A.R.E
Lesson 2: Understanding The Effects Of Mind-Altering Drugs
Lesson 3: Considering Consequences
Lesson 4:  Changing Beliefs About Drugs
Lesson 5: Learning Resistance Techniques-Way To Say No
Lesson 6:  Building Self-Esteem
Lesson 7:  Learning Assertiveness-A Response Style
Lesson 8:  Managing Stress Without Taking Drugs
Lesson 9:  Reducing Violence
Lesson 10: Combating Media Influences On Drugs And Violence
Lesson 11:  Making Decisions About Risky Behaviors
Lesson 12:  Saying Yes To Positive Alternatives
Lesson 13:  Having Positive Role Models
Lesson 14:  Resisting Gang And Group Violence
Lesson 15:  Summarizing D.A.R.E Lessons
Lesson 16:  Taking A Stand
Lesson 17:  D.A.R.E Culmination