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Message From The Chaplain

Welcome to the New Hampshire Seacoast. The chaplain’s ministry is one of service to law enforcement officers, their families, other department members, and the community. This is accomplished through various means. Of which the key role of the police chaplain is one of presence. The chaplain is non-judgmental, open-minded, and a good listener. Chaplains augment the role of the police officer in that they are called to aid in deaths, serious accidents, and family crisis to help support those in distress. This is in conjunction with the chaplain on patrol with the officers.

I am a member of ICPC ( International Conference of Police Chaplains ). ICPC is a source for chaplains to aid them in their work with law enforcement officers. I am the state representative for New Hampshire. Currently there are nine agencies in New Hampshire with chaplains. I serve as the minister for the Seabrook Church of Christ.

I consider my position as chaplain for the Seabrook Police Department an honor.

Thank You,

Bruce Pierce Chaplain